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Shadow Fire Promotions Podcast – Front Row Ringside 8-1-15

Our August 1 podcast starts off with a few memories of The Rowdy Scot, Rowdy Roddy Piper, who passed away July 31.  From there, Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc. President Gregory Dennis discusses the nickname “Rowdy” and how Ultimate Fighting Championship star Ronda Rousey got to use the name for herself.

He then talks about UFC 190, and gives a few thoughts on what stood out, 24 hours later.

Then, it’s on to pro wrestling, where he talks about the revival of the Tapout clothing brand, the scandal involving Hulk Hogan, SummerSlam and whether the world championship match should always be the final event on the card or not, an April 2015 ruling that could potentially affect wrestler royalties for footage shown on the WWE Network, and a study from the University of Louisville Law Review that demonstrates the legal difference between and employee and independent contractor.

Finally, in current events, the Chattanooga shooting is discussed, along with the pros and cons of arming recruiters.  Also, more on the VA scandals, and what can be done about it.

The podcast wraps with talk of merchandise and upcoming guests!

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