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Shadow Fire Promotions Podcast – Front Row Ringside 03-29-16.mp3

It’s been slow on podcast-worthy topics since the new year, but the first podcast of 2016 is a doozy, as Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc. (SFP) President Greg Dennis discusses the recent loss of the formerly undefeated Ultimate Fighting Championship Womens Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm to Miesha Tate, and where that leaves former Champion Ronda Rousey.

Moving on to pro wrestling, WrestleMania week is upon us, meaning that we’re on the final countdown to WrestleMania, with WWE’s biggest event of the year under a week away.  The focus here is on WrestleMania 32 (even though WWE no longer adds numbers to WrestleMania) and comments on the current WrestleMania being possibly one of the weakest ‘Manias of all time, with a dual main event of Triple H (representing the evil Authority, who is nonetheless usually cheered) against Roman Reigns, who has yet to be accepted by most fans as “the man”, the top star in WWE, and Undertaker against an untrained non-wrestler, and the son of the WWE Chairman, Shane McMahon.

Then there’s the recent Gawker settlement with Hulk Hogan, and also some quotes regarding the WWE Performance Center from Hogan when he was still a judge on WWE Tough Enough, with a discussion on the success of the Performance Center.

Plus the AfterGlow Fan Party At Sea, MyLife, My Power, and MORE!

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